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The Happy Doc

Jun 24, 2018


Episode 56:

Title: Talented Pediatricians Take On Marijuana, Mindfulness, And Music - Nicholas Chadi M.D.

This 57th episode of The Happy Doc features an interview by Dr. Taylor Brana with Dr. Nicholas Chadi M.D., who shares his medical journey. He talks about addiction medicine, his advice to teens about marijuana use, a mindfulness practice involving washing your hands, Why life doesn’t end with medical school, and what makes Nicholas Chadi feel fulfilled.
Show Notes:
● Dr. Nicholas Chadi M.D is a pediatrician that specializes in Adolescent Medicine and is the first pediatric addiction medicine fellow in North America.
● Dr. Chadi is also a musician, writer, a researcher, a mindfulness practitioner provider, and a sports enthusiast.
● His parents bought the camp he used to work at as a team, and still run it in Quebec.
● Talking about marijuana legalization is healthy, but it is how we talk about it that matters. There needs to be more education about it to make teens more aware of the risks.
“The S.T.O.P Practice” is recommended for anxiety and tension which stands for:
Stop, Take 3 Breaths, Observe how the air coming into your mouth feels, and think about how you will Proceed with the rest of your day.
● You can anchor this moment by washing your hands mindfully, being focused on this process to stay more present.
● One of his hardest decisions was to choose between advanced music study (piano, Classical, Jazz) and medical school.
● Music makes Dr. Chadi more relaxed, more present, and a more passionate physician.
● By breaking medical study with his practice of music it proved to be more energizing and provided balance.
● Tip: Don’t suppress your creativity by only focusing on the logic required for medicine.
● Scheduling and discipline are crucial to balancing your career with your personal life.
Resources Mentioned:
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