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The Happy Doc

Sep 24, 2017

"No matter how depressed or anxious I'm feeling, being able to talk about it with someone, doing something, and being out with people, helps so much..."


Hello, again, Happy Doc Family! As some of you may be aware, September is Suicide Prevention Month. In this week's podcast, we have one of our team members from The Happy Doc, Alex Iacono. Alex is the Audio-technician for The Happy Doc as well as a third-year medical student at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM). Upon listening to this podcast, you will notice we have a more relaxed and candid conversational style, given that Alex and Taylor are friends from the same medical school.  In this conversation, Alex opens up about dealing with difficulties such as facing depression and anxiety, and how he has overcome those difficulties. Furthermore, Alex discusses his experiences as a pre-medical student, how he felt after receiving his acceptance letter,  dating life, and much more. We really hope you enjoy this week's podcast and let us know how you feel about this style of interview. Alex Iacono is a 3rd-year medical student who attends PCOM with an interest in Psychiatry.  *** Alex's Weekly challenge: What have you done to deal with anxiety in school? What tips can you give others to help them succeed? Tweet us @thehappydoc1. We would love to hear your thoughts! *** Join The Happy Doc Family! Subscribe to the podcast, and join the subscriber's list on the sidebar! Facebook       Instagram      Twitter


For the conversation, listen to the audio!