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The Happy Doc

Feb 25, 2018

There is a gulf between healthcare and our communities, this is the place to talk about it. We are digging into healthcare issues that matter most. Our conversations mine these issues for perspective and answers - Explore The Space Podcast

Our next guest is Mark Shapiro MD, Hospitalist, Medical Director, and Physician Podcaster located in Northern California. Mark Shapiro is the creator of Explore The Space Podcast which looks into healthcare issues and topics that help bridge the gap between healthcare and the community at large. Dr. Mark Shapiro explores topics such as gun violence, team culture, technology and medicine, fear, overcoming limits, and caring for NFL players. Dr. Shapiro isn't afraid to discuss any topic, and he is able to explore these areas and apply these concepts to the field of medicine.
My recent favorite episode is with David Berke a retired Marine aviator, Top Gun instructor, and fighter plane pilot. Their discussion of culture and perfection is extremely interesting, and something I hope our own medical culture spends more time reflecting on.
Sample Episodes with David Berke:

In this episode we discuss:

  1. How he got started in podcasting and how it has impacted his clinical practice
  2. The importance of culture and the impacts it has on medicine
  3. How medical culture implements new information
  4. A mistake that Dr. Shapiro made and the importance of being vulnerable
  5. Creating a culture of "no dumping" and what that means
  6. The importance of making authentic human connection with your patients

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The Happy Doc is a podcast and website about physician and medical student fulfillment. Our goal is to make Medical culture happier from the ground up. We do this by learning from awesome examples such as our recent guest.