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The Happy Doc

Feb 18, 2018

Let yourself nurture the things that you think are special about you, and make room for that in your life. We all have parts of us that are special that we haven't payed much attention to. I think making room in your life to reconnect, is important for us, and frankly, it's important for our patients; it makes us better doctors.

Wow. I am really excited for you guys to check out this guest. He is truly an inspiration. Dr. David Hidin is a 4th-year surgery resident, TEDx Speaker, Youtuber, and innovator.
In his TEDx Talk, he discusses the importance of creativity in medicine. In his Youtube series, he travels across the United States and finds the most innovative medical schools and programs and shares that knowledge on his channel. As an inventor, he has created Invented Magazine, an application which shares creative doctors and tech entrepreneurs making a difference in medicine.
In this episode we discuss: 
1. Why Dr. David Hindin went to medical school
2. Invented Magazine Application
3. The importance of data and it impacts on medicine
4. Why is creativity important in medicine
5. The YouTube Series "Why Doctors Should Day Dream" and a discussion on a conceptual model for innovation called "Biodesign"
6. Innovations Dr. David Hindin is excited about
7. Best Practices of Starting a KickStarter campaign. 

A Tip From Dr. Hindin: Living to your Full Potential

You want all parts of what makes you who you are, out there. To me, that's what living to your full potential means. It means all of these things that are a part of you, important to you, and make you special, are actively what you are doing in life. For me that is what being fulfilled is about.


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