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The Happy Doc

Nov 11, 2018

Learn from Jay Doran The Culture Man! Jay transformed a failing gym business into a six-figure company within 6 months. He found that the truly transformational part of the business was happening at the hours between 12 to 1 o'clock. What was happening from 12 to 1 o’clock you might ask? His team was working on their company culture.
Culture is a topic that is immensely important and impacts the climate of our workplace and beyond. Who better to learn this topic than from Jay Doran, Culture Coach, Public Speaker, and Polymath. Join Dr. Taylor Brana on this conversational journey as we learn why Culture Matters and how we can establish improved workspaces with cultural alignment.

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In this Conversation We Learn About:

  1. This conversation can inspire a thought, that may lead to a new idea, that can drive a new action or behavior.
  2. All culture rises and falls with leadership
  3. You need to get really clear on your culture’s mission, vision, values, and effectively communicate this with your team.
  4. Mission: The mission is what you want to do every day to achieve a certain vision
  5. Vision: The visual representation of your goal
  6. Values: Embodied character traits to successfully work on the mission and achieve the vision
  7. How leadership communicates and acts matters and impacts all individuals following the leadership.
  8. Knowing something versus actualizing and being something are two completely different levels of communication
  9. Highly competent and confident individuals become leaders in their field. To take their impact to the next level, they must effectively understand how to communicate otherwise the leader risks losing passing on their knowledge forever.
  10. Learning from multiple sources and areas of study helps expand humanity to a new level. We did not get far as a people by specializing in one field. We must understand multiple disciplines such as sociology, psychology, neuropsychology, leadership, sales, etc. Note: at the time of recording Jay had read/listened to around 80 books this year

The Idea Has To Be Greater Than Yourself

The business must have a great idea that [has] all these people, with their own personal internal character, come together and agree that the idea is just a little more important than all of them. Or else what happens is it becomes a me me me me me organization.”

-Jay Doran


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