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The Happy Doc

Jul 30, 2017

And then one day I shook my fist to the heavens and demanded my life. This isn't my life, I'm not going to live like this anymore, I demand my life. And then within 24 hours my whole life changed, depression was gone, everything just kick started again in a very different way.


Hello team Happy Doc! We have...

Jul 23, 2017

I felt like they were trying to slaughter my soul in medical education. I held onto it... the way that I did that by the way was to continue crying and feeling, I refused to get numb. I know they wanted me to become numb, and I couldn't allow myself to stop crying, because I felt like the moment I stopped crying,...

Jul 16, 2017

You take healthcare back by giving physicians the ability to be innovative and creative... that's how you hack the system from inside


This week it is truly a pleasure to introduce Neel Desai, Family physician, book author, and member of The Happy Doc team. Dr. Neel is a practicing clinician at St. Elizabeth...

Jul 9, 2017

This is how we evolve healthcare

This week, we are excited to present two brothers, Dr. Venu Julapalli, MD, and Dr. Vinay Julapalli, MD. Dr. Venu Julapalli is a gastroenterologist in private practice. Dr. Vinay Julapalli is an Interventional Cardiologist and has started his own micro-practice. Together, they are the...

Jul 6, 2017

Hey guys! I had a fantastic meeting with my Philly Entrepreneurs mastermind group. We created a space for vulnerability, learning, and helping one another. I reflect briefly on that experience and encourage you to find the same!

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