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The Happy Doc

Dec 11, 2018

#102: Community And Contribution Makes Us Happy | Create, Provide Value | Digital To Physical Connection | Happy Doc Daily
Please note the following was written in bullet point format:
-One of the reason docs like their work as a physician is they develop a set of competencies and are able to provide value to patients.
-Value is provided to the patient and they feel generally appreciated. -The exchange of your value to the patient has a financial, and at times emotional, exchange and that feels good. 
-The issue arises that often, the business of medicine doesn’t allow the humanistic parts of the exchanges to take place. 
-Humans have developed in communities. It is only in the most recent century that many people become isolated and have lost a sense of their identity to the greater whole and how we contribute. 
-How do you reclaim your sense of self, provide value and even create more success?
-Get back into a community of like-minded individuals digitally (or if local, physically) first, then bridge to conferences and physical meetups.
-In a digital community, you can find like-minded individuals and start to gain a sense of what others think and how you may contribute.
-You can find out about common issues in groups and potentially offer solutions
-You can learn creative ways other individuals are creating solutions and create a shared experience.
-You may find creative endeavors of expressing yourself in a new way. 
-While I am not a complete fan of digital connections and prefer physical ones, the digital connection provides a huge advantage in terms of efficiency and convenience.
-Once you have a digital connection in a community (or you build your own community), you can then become useful. 
-What is something your community could need that would be helpful for them. 
-What are the common complaints you are hearing?
-What are the frustrations?
-Brainstorm a list of your tribe and what your team could find useful.
-Go ahead and begin to create a solution and offer it to your team, have them critique it, even make it better. 
-All of the best ideas often start as a grass roots solution that can be expanded. 
-If an idea is helpful in a community it can often be useful for wider groups of individuals. 
-Use the MAYA concept to help - Most Advanced Yet Acceptable. What is a modern solution that can be used to solve a problem many individuals have. Oh but you aren’t tech savvy? Ask someone in your group if they know someone who is tech savvy or whom could connect you with someone who is.
-We don’t have to do it all in 2018, we just need the network and the resourcefulness to make a solution happen.
-Where do successful individuals come from? They come from creating products and ideas that are solutions to problems.
-Become a problem solver in your community and you will be appreciated.
-Even more, you will find joy knowing you are a creator in a group that has been a part of your journey and appreciates you.
-Create in Communities and build value and reconnect to our not-so ancient roots to humanize ourselves once again.
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