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The Happy Doc

Aug 20, 2017

Our guest received her MD degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and remained there to attend her residency in family medicine. She is also a current member of the Society of Teachers in Family Medicine, American Academy of Family Physicians, and the Illinois Academy of Family Physicians.  Not to mention, she is also part of the Family Medicine for America's Health Workforce Education and Development Core Team. In this role she is an advocacy coach and resident team leader for Medical Student and Resident wellness. 

Not only is Dr. Dakis an influence in the field of medicine and the wellness of resident physicians and their medical student predecessors, she is quite the musician. With the ability to play clarinet, saxophone, and piano, we disucss how her love for music has influenced her life.

Please check out Dr. Dakis' KevinMD article alluded to in the podcast episode. Click here to read the article!

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