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The Happy Doc

Jul 16, 2017

You take healthcare back by giving physicians the ability to be innovative and creative... that's how you hack the system from inside


This week it is truly a pleasure to introduce Neel Desai, Family physician, book author, and member of The Happy Doc team. Dr. Neel is a practicing clinician at St. Elizabeth Physicians in Northern Kentucky. Neel also has a son with the rare genetic condition Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), which has provided him deep insights about what it means to be a great father and clinician. His passion is to educate the medical and general community about OI. To do this, he wrote an interactive multimedia multitouch book: “The OI Connection” (check it out on Dr. Neel also has a passion for creative and innovative thinking. He believes one of the strongest ways to reach the masses is to utilize the many connectivity platforms that technology provides us. He understands that harnessing modern day advancements and technology can be used for great changes in the local and global space of clinical care. To take on active change in the healthcare space, Dr. Neel run's the medical artist section and is the "talent agent" for The Happy Doc. Neel highlights  health professionals who harness creative, artistic, and technologic tools, to educate and entertain the masses. He gets to know inspirational individuals and highlights them on our "Medical Artist" section.  Neel has been an amazing recruiter for The Happy Doc podcast and we get to learn how we reconnect utilizing the "C"s of medicine. For further contact information: Twitter: @drneel1973 Website: *** Join The Happy Doc Team! Link in to the social media, subscribe to the podcast, and join the e-mail list on the sidebar! Facebook       Instagram      Twitter


Sample of the conversation:

The 10 C's

1)Connection -Reconnecting personally, on a group/tribal level, and with technology 2)Communication -Evolving by using digital communication and face-to-face contact 3)Compassion - Finding the humanity for healthcare, teams, and patients, in order to maximize skills, talents, and health potentials of patients 4) Context -Unique and individualized care, "The art of medicine" 5) Collaboration -Working as a team and understanding the dynamics between competition versus collaboration 6) Creativity -Innovation, Ingenuity, Inventology 7) Control 8) Challenge Conformity 9) Cultural Shift -Understanding the past and present, building a new future 10) Choice -Advocating for more choices in medicine and utilizing choice to develop greater fulfillment.   For more of the conversation, listen to the audio!!!