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The Happy Doc

Sep 26, 2018

Negativity 0, Positivity 1. 
This is a mindset game. You are surrounded by negativity! It’s all around. It can come from your mind, a co-worker, a friend, or a situation. But we are also surrounded by amazing amounts of positivity. Every day you wake up in a bed, you have the ability to breathe, to experience, and to learn! 
Still the mind. Flood your system with the greatest fuel of all, positivity. Be thankful for what you have. Turn up amazing music. Spend time with friends and family who care for you. Raise your arms high and feel the blessing and the beauty of this moment. Dance like you just don’t care. Fight for the positivity inside you and spread your energy to the world. Realize the light of the world is also inside of you. Be the spark. Life only changes when you do. 
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