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The Happy Doc

Nov 1, 2017

Dr. Every Woman's website:
Dr. Wendy Goodall McDonald
October 28 2017
by Neel Desai, M.D.
Dr. Wendy Goodall McDonald is a board-certified practicing Obstetrician Gynecologist in downtown Chicago and is a blogger, author, and medical humorist who uses music videos to educate her patients and the general public about various obstetrical and gynecological topics. “Dr. Wendy” or “Dr. Every Woman”, as Dr. McDonald is more commonly known in her music videos and blogs,  combines her singing talents, humor, and medical education to produce medical parodies of popular music. She chose the stage name “Dr. Every Woman” because, as she describes in her Dr. Every Woman Blog, …it makes her feel like I can sing AND "like I AM every woman.” She goes on to tell the story of how she came up with the idea to use her multiple talents to educate her patients and the general public in an entertaining and easy to understand way:
 Very few people have interests in only one thing. We have multiple talents, hobbies, and interests… Why not share knowledge in a new and fun way? Why not let my own loud laughing light shine?… Information, advice, and a laugh. I am well trained in medicine, as well as the School of Hard Knocks when it comes to relationships and parenting. If I don’t have the answer, I know where to get it. Bonus: I have a song for every occasion and can make an imaginary microphone out of just about anything.
Dr. McDonald has also written books on various topics and not all are necessarily medically related. Topics have included, but are not limited to: children’s self-confidence, marriage advice for couples, women’s health, head wraps, and even crocheting and knitting.
Whether it is in the role of “Dr. Every Woman”, “Dr. Wendy”, wife, mother, author, humorist, or blogger, one thing is for certain. Dr. Wendy Goodall McDonald’s multifaceted approach of being the “Dr. Every Woman”  to educating the general public has made an impact on her field of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is making an enormous difference for her patients and the communities she serves. Her creative, humorous, and educational talents on all her platforms have earned her our well-deserved recognition. Dr. Wendy Goodall McDonald is our Medical Influencer of the Week.