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The Happy Doc

Aug 26, 2018

Dr. Wendell Cole is a podcaster, Author, and Orthopedic Surgery intern.

He is the creator of the Convos With Cole Podcast and Author of  The Med School Survival Kit: How To Breeze Through Medical School While Crushing Your Exams. Dr. Wendell Cole is a man on a mission to make the most of life.

In this Conversation We Learn About:

  1. What Drives Dr. Cole
  2. The importance of humility
  3. The importance of being present
  4. What brings Dr. Cole Energy
  5. Two of Dr. Coles favorite episodes from his podcast:

A Tip For The Listeners

We only have one shot at this thing we call life. There aren't any do-overs, no restart buttons, and no take backs. We don't have the past, and we don't have the future, all we have is now. Live and be present.

-Wendell Cole MD

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