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The Happy Doc

Aug 12, 2018


Dr. Leah Houston is an Emergency Medicine Physician practicing precision medicine in New York. Dr. Leah is also the founder of HPEC.IO a blockchain technology that has major implications for physicians and the healthcare system at large. 

In this conversation we learn about: 

1. Dr. Houston's early interest in medicine

2. A credentialing and identity breach that impacted Dr. Leah's career, but also resulted as the inspiration for HPEC.IO

3. How physician credentialing is an antiquated system

4. A brief discussion about blockchain technology

5. What HPEC.IO is and how it works

6. The implications of this technology

7. A tip for the listeners


A brief explanation of HPEC.IO:

Dr. Houston has created Humanitarian Physician Empowerment Community (HPEC), a physician-owned community that utilizes blockchain technology. Block Chain technology allows information to be stored, encrypted, and protected via a network of computers to create a distributed ledger. Instead of third parties requiring physicians to verify credentialing, this new system allows physicians to upload their data and have it protected without third-party interference. Leah hopes to invite physicians to be founding members of HPEC and help create the future of healthcare.

Implications Of The Technology 

This technology has the ability to (not an exhaustive list): 

1.Give physicians a secure self-sovereign digital identity

2. Allow credentialing process of physicians to be exponentially faster

3.  Remove third-party involvement from physician identity and bring autonomy and control back to physicians

4. Bring physicians onto one platform in order to vote and influence health care policy and practice

5. Listen to the podcast for more implications of this technology

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