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The Happy Doc

Sep 22, 2018

"How do I maintain my identity while in medical training?" This is a question posed by one of our listeners. Dr. Taylor Brana offers some insights and thoughts on this topic. Please also refer to the episode with work-life integration with Dr. Qaali Hussein which is useful when it comes to this topic. 

Some ideas include: 

1. Continue to pursue the interests you have built prior to starting training

2. Join an intramural group, form a club, or attend a class that is scheduled. This will allow you to maintain your interest via social pressure **Make sure to make these events mandatory and schedule it as important since your work is likely more time-consuming than it previously was **

3. Consider ways to have your interest at scale (such as a blog, vlog, podcast, class), in order to inspire others to take care of themselves as well.

4. Maintain and nurture the relationships that have been vital for you (unfortunately you might not be able to make time for everyone as you had previously). **Additionally, don't feel bad about taking care of yourself first. There is only so much time in day**

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