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The Happy Doc

Sep 4, 2018

"I get to". Often we can get stuck into future-oriented or past-oriented thinking. We think about the things we have lost to get to our current circumstance. We think about the places we want to be. We idealize the climax of a journey instead of appreciating the current position we are in. 

The words "I get to" tell us that we have the privilege of being able to serve people in the present moment. I get to be a medical student and work in the clinic. I get to be a physician and help this person's life. I get to listen to this individual's story and provide my knowledge to help them. I get to listen to the hurt and heal those who are in need. 

"I get to" are powerful words to help remind us that we are in a process of serving and we get the privilege to do so. We have already won. 

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