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The Happy Doc

Sep 13, 2018

Human beings are not meant to work long hours without adequate rest. Sleep deprivation, overwork, and exhaustion are not normal. Yet in the healthcare field, this is every daylife. 

There is a mindset that the long hours that individuals work is something to proud of.  If this is your mindset, I would love to eliminate it. We cannot be proud of working extensive hours that exhaust our systems. We can be proud of efficient work that helps patients and works toward decreasing the exhaustion of our human healers and helpers. 

News flash, doctors are humans too! We must be creative in forming solutions to reduce excessive hours, reduce stress, increased nutrition, provide normal sleep hours and treat physicians appropriately. Greater than this we must form a culture that truly believes in treating physicians as humans and forming supportive communities; we cannot do this alone. We must collectively shift our mindset! 

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