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The Happy Doc

Sep 1, 2018

Hello Everyone! To piggyback off of our last happy doc thought about action and energy, it is also extremely important to learn to turn yourself off! How often do you come home from work in a state of anxiety, stress, and take your work with you?

We must learn to turn off the mind and cut off work from our system. We need to come up with effective resting strategies to enhance our energy. So in a way, this is different from "acting" to recharge, but relaxing to recharge. Figuring out ways to clear your mind. 

Tomorrow's episode with Dr. Dike Drummond founder of, will allude to this. We need to have methods to cut things off so that we can regain our space. 

Some methods include creating a ritual after work to mark the ending of your day. Others include meditation, reading a book, exercise, taking a hot bath, being in nature, going for a walk. Remember work can stay at work. 

Much thanks to those participating, commenting, and enjoying the content. Appreciate the international love and excited to continue to create with you all! 

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