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The Happy Doc

Sep 7, 2018

People always talk about being rich financially. How great it would be to have a nice home. How great it would be to afford traveling around the world, etc., etc. Yet in the balance of this discussion, is being "time rich." 

What is all the money in the world if you have crowded yourself in a busy schedule where you are unable to spend your free time? One of our goals on The Happy Doc is to spark our thinking, to create thriving models within ourselves and others. How do we become time rich? 

Some areas to explore in this conversation include: 

-Work-life integration versus work-life balance.

-Learning to say no with confidence.

-Increasing systems of work to decrease error, miscommunication, and time loss

-Financial investments that are time-independent

-Projects/growth which are time-independent

If you'd like to know more about these concepts, please leave us a request! We can definitely hash out more of these ideas if you are interested. Stay happy everyone! Find joy in every single day!

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