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The Happy Doc

Sep 6, 2018

When we don't feel appreciated, it's likely due to feeling that someone has undermined our value. Yet while we can often complain about not feeling appreciated, we do not set a standard for our value.

What is your value? What are you worth? If you could, for example, think about your financial value, what would that be? What is your dollar amount of worth in terms of your skill set? What are you worth per hour, per day, per week, per month, and per year?

If we don't set a standard for what our value actually is, how can we be upset at others who have undervalued us? If we don't establish a standard within ourselves, we risk others deciding for us what our value is. 

Knowing your value in terms of finances, relationships, and at work, allows you to make sure you are not being undermined. Yes, it is important to be humble and be a student, but you must also know where you are knowledgeable and can offer your expertise.

What is your value? When you know this you can better negotiate and navigate life with a sense of clarity and calm. 

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