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The Happy Doc

Sep 4, 2018

Hi guys!

I had an impactful conversation with a physician this morning on when she realized she needed a change in her career. She said that she had woken up on a Saturday morning and witnessed an individual outside in the sun. It suddenly struck her that she didn't even have the time to do that herself. She was working too many clinical hours, unable to give her body a rest, unable to have time for herself, and unable to enjoy a simple Saturday morning. This physician had a wake-up call that she deserved time for herself. 

The number one thing we hear from our conversation with physicians is the lack of autonomy to be yourself and enjoy your time. Whether you want time to be creative, explore other options in life, or just enjoy a Saturday morning, we all deserve spaces to be us. 

We hope to serve you and give you creative ideas, inspirations, and ways to grow as a human, and learn from individuals who are doing interesting things with their careers. We hope that you can take action to move your life in a direction that allows you to create your own happy doc journey!

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