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The Happy Doc

Jul 8, 2018

Listen to the story of how Zach Holub transitioned out of medical school to pursue a different path for his life.

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A tip for the listeners: 

“Follow your heart. Do some honest reflection. Take time to meditate. Go out in a field and get rid of all the distractions. Don’t listen to other people. Listen to yourself. Listen to people’s advice but don’t internalize it right away until you’ve really figured out what you’re trying to achieve. I think that has been one of the hardest things and the mantras I’ve had to tell myself everyday—is figuring out what you really want. And it takes a lot of time and soul searching and writing down your goals—you know, really getting out there, figuring out where you want to be, a year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years from now what you want your life to look like. And then going to work on it, no matter how ridiculous it seems—and being willing to trust in yourself and take risks when necessary.”