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The Happy Doc

Oct 19, 2018

Whatsup guys! For today I wanted to flush out a concept of the popular quote "you are the average of the five people you associate with." 

The truth is that there are certain voices you care about more and lean on more heavily than others. The question is, do those opinions and thoughts reflect the type of person you want to be and become? Our social environments highly impact and influence our decision-making and it's important that our connections reflect the individuals we want to spend time with. While we cannot choose the families we are born into, we do have a choice in our friends and connections. 

A good way to gain mentorship and aid beyond our friendships and relationships in our direct circle, is to utilize digital connections. Books, podcasts, facebook communities, etc., offer an opportunity to expand our thinking and learn from those who are further along in the journey. Of course, we need to use discernment to see if the connections we make are a good fit, however, when we build connections who are truly there to help and support you, your life success and trajectory can soar!

Who are the five people you associate yourself with?

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