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The Happy Doc

Jun 25, 2019


In episode #115, please learn from Dr. Taylor Brana from The Happy Doc Podcast as he speaks to guest David Lacamera.  David Lacamera is the Lead Marketing Consultant at SMB Team and shares his advice in the realm of promoting your business.  David describes very effective strategies for gaining information about your audience to allow you to more efficiently target potential customers.  David has an amazing capability to recognize the difficulties and errors that face small businesses in today’s business environment.

Top Quote

“The hardest part about marketing is to explain to people how important this investment is.  Marketing is everything” 

-David Lacamera

Top Points From The Episode

  1. Marketing is a necessary investment! Brands, businesses, and companies need awareness to generate revenue and grow
  2. Live your brand: every moment as a leader is a moment to promote your brand and further the progress of your business or venture
  3. Understand the state of mind that a potential customer has when they view your advertisement
  4. Use available technology to gain an understanding of your target audience. In this episode, we take a dive into google ad words and Facebook advertising strategy.

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