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The Happy Doc

Jan 29, 2019

Dr. Dana Corriel is an Internal Medicine Physician practicing in New York. She is also a blogger, photographer, speaker, and leader of one of the largest physician groups on Facebook: Doctors On Social Media. Dana is passionate about applying social media to promote the lives of physicians and display the beautiful marriage between creativity and medicine. 

In this conversation, we learn from this week's Happy Doc as she teaches us the ins and outs of social media in the context of the physician space. Here are some top points to look out for from the episode:

  1. Introduction of Dana
  2. Knowing your endpoint and understanding why you are using social media
  3. Understanding fear in social media use
    1. Imposter syndrome vs Fear of Exposure
  4. How leaving medicine for a period of time gave Dana an important look at connecting creativity with medicine
  5. Why social media scares Dana and why she still uses it
  6. The Risk and Benefits of Social Media
  7. Dana extending digital connections to physical connections utilizing SomeDocs Engage


Doctors On Social Media

Twitter: @drcorriel

Medicine Connect

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