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The Happy Doc

Jan 24, 2019

Do you wake up with a sense of excitement as you move closer to a dream? I'll be honest, I definitely don't always feel that way. But when I made this change, my excitement for life absolutely improved. How do we get closer to that feeling of having a sense of enrichment and eagerness as we wake up and take on the world?

It all starts with a dream. Each and every one of us has the ability to close our eyes and imagine a world where we are living our best life. This includes the actions we are taking each day, the location, the environment, the people we surround ourselves with, and the emotions and energy that you feel inside of yourself. When we close our eyes and imagine how this scenario would feel, there is a sense of invigoration and excitement that takes place. What is this magic? 

Envisioning a dream creates energy. Envisioning a dream and starting to build steps to work towards it builds a direction and excitement. Once we understand what our desires are and a dream scenario, we can plan and start to build out on our vision. The bigger the dream, the better. Why? As we dream big and imagine a better world, a better us, we can build a life-long path. That life-long path and process drives us to be better and wake up each day.

Somewhere along the journey, we forget the dream. We forget what we want, we forget what makes us happy, and we forget our passion. A dream is like a roadmap, and the present moment is the time to make it happen.

This doesn't mean that you don't enjoy your life now, as it is happening... no way. You can still absolutely enjoy what you have, appreciate all that you have been given; it is, of course, the gifts you have received thus far that will let you move towards your next steps. Each step in our process lets us achieve and move towards our next step. We appreciate our loved ones, communities, work experiences, and opportunities; this is what has allowed us to be the person we are now. But, we must remind ourselves that every section of our life has an important intrinsic dream that is waiting to be brought into the world.

It is an individual's inner excitement and energy that lights up everyone else around them. As you embody your dream, you give everyone in the world a chance to live their dream too. Fight for your dream. 

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