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The Happy Doc

Jan 23, 2019

Change is hard. Change isn't easy. Yet sometimes, we have to. Quite often there are things in our lives that we justify, intellectualize, and shield ourselves from, to just get away from the truth. We have developed a career, a relationship, a situation, that doesn't reflect who we are anymore. We have taken, or continue to take action in a way that doesn't reflect our world-view or align with the person we want to be. What do we do?

Every individual has the right to make changes. Yet somewhere deep down, we may hide from what we must do. It takes courage to look inside and see that how we are acting isn't us anymore. To enjoy life, we must quit certain aspects of ourselves to create spaces for what we truly want to take form. Our wants and desires are important; they light as up and provide excitement in our life's journey.

What truths are you sweeping under the rug? What changes do you hope to make to make your life a little bit smoother? You don't have to make changes right away. Just reflect and look at the discomfort, there are spaces to free up with time. 

A great episode to check out in this conversation is with Dr. Lynn Marie Morski (Episode #101) as we dive into the art of quitting. We can learn to quit successfully and strategically; to find a method to reclaim our passion and excitement for life. 

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