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The Happy Doc

Jan 20, 2019

Finding ways to be creative and express what you are learning and seeing is how we transition to being happy. When we only consume, we don't contribute to the world at large. As we learn and create, we make new meanings and develop our skills as people in a fun and interesting way. 

Unfortunately, our culture is immersed in consumptive behaviors with very little emphasis on the creation of new ideas, content, and expressing yourself in a unique way specific to you. What are ways you enjoy expressing yourself? How do you combine your unique talent or skill-set in an interesting in fun way? What sort of things do you enjoy learning about? How can you write a song, piece of poetry, art piece, etc, involving that material?

Whether it is for the public, some friends, or just for your personal amusement, creating great ideas and enjoying the process, takes our lives to a new level of experience. Create and connect with those who are enjoying life and creating their fulfillment each and every day. 

Examples of creativity from our own unique niche:

1. Creating podcast content

2. Creating an Alexa voice skill to help medical students

3. Bridging digital to physical connections from social media to life and creating new networks and friends. 

Communities to check out: 

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