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The Happy Doc

Jan 14, 2019

It's almost like this superpower... design is such an invisible force in our lives. We don't realize how it's affecting our behavior, affecting how we do things, how we live, how we die.  - Pagan Kennedy

"Pagan Kennedy tells stories about iconoclasts, humanitarian inventors, and scientific visionaries. Kennedy's journalism has appeared in dozens of publications including The New York Times Magazine, where she wrote the "Who Made That?" column. She is now a contributing writer for the New York Times Opinion section; she is also co-producing a serial podcast for the Radiotopia network.  As a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT in 2010-11, Kennedy studied microbiology and neuroengineering.  She has won numerous other awards including an NEA fellowship, a Smithsonian fellowship, and two Massachusetts Cultural Council fellowships. 

She is the creator of Inventology — How We Dream Up Things That Change The World. " 
Fun And Interesting Points Discussed
1. Most cited patent holders were in their 40s and 50s. 
2. John Goodenough invented the lithium Ion battery at the age 57. He was still creating inventions at the age of 94.
3. Alexander Flemming's beginnings to creating Penicillin
4. Serendipity - observational creativity and "anti-serendipity"
5. Invention is multi-step. Eureka makes for a good story, but there needs to be testing, understanding... Eureka makes it sound a lot easier than it is. 
6. The one who sees a problem on a daily basis has the strongest ability to create a solution (end-user mentality).